Art Exhibit: Paintings by Patty Fazio and Photographs by Diane Seavey

A collection of artwork by Patty Fazio and Diane Seavey by are on display at the Forest Society's Conservation Center in Concord until the end of June 2019. The exhibit is a display of paintings by Patty Fazio and photographs by Diane Seavey.

Pear still life by Patty Fazio
Patty Fazio is a life-long artist and an emerging painter, primarily working in oils. With a bold palette, she represents still life pieces and her subjects are often familiar or found objects with lively color or curious form.  She is a life-long learner who has trained in Art through coursework, workshops and self-study.

Originally from the North Suburban area of Boston, Patty has traveled in the US and parts of Europe, residing in New Hampshire for over 30 years. She is employed as a Sales-Designer with a nationally recognized, fine custom cabinetmaker based in Claremont, New Hampshire. Here is the artist statement:

My current study is evolving in Impressionistic and Plein Air forms, creating landscape and still life images with a lighter approach.  Most recently, two Seacoast painters, Amy Brnger and Kathleen Robbins, have influenced my path of discovery and sparked a renewed sense of adventure and compelling need to paint.

Landscape by Patty Fazio

Often inspired by the season-long color of my neighbor Mary’s garden, my recent floral paintings greet your senses with a high-spirited expression of the subject.  Ever attracted to the ocean, I am fortunate to live in New England with accessibility to areas of lush forest, clean waters, bountiful gardens, miraculous sunsets and a multitude of kindred spirits in the Arts.

The artist can be reached at

Loon family photo by Diane Seavey
Loon family by Diane Seavey
Diane Seavey is Patty Fazio's cousin who found her way to photography a few years ago when she was diagnosed with breast cancer (today she is "all good"). In her artist's statement she writes,

Radiation wiped me out so I would go sit on the side of a lake, river, or walk in the woods to relax and take my mind off off everything.  I started to notice the flowers and listen to the birds, hawks, eagles, the warblers, etc.  Then there were the deer, fox, moose and it just kept going. I was addicted. Now four years later I can’t get enough.  It’s my therapy. Thru sharing my photos I have come to find that not only has it helped me, but so many others.  I have had people say or comment to me that without sharing my photography with them, they would of never known that animal or bird even existed. To hear comments like "you're my window to the outdoors" or "I haven’t seen that flower in so long--it use to be my mother’s favorite flower," mean so much.  Each day I go out is a new adventure. You think you're going to photograph one thing and end up photographing something different. 

Snowy owl by Diane Seavey
Diane had a photo of a humpback whale used as a cover for a book titled Coastal Discoveries by William Sargent and has been published in NH Fish and Game magazines.  Diane also makes greeting cards and can be reached at

All of the prints displayed in this exhibition are for sale and a portion of sales will benefit the Forest Society's conservation work.

The Conservation Center is open weekdays from 8:30 am. to 4:30 p.m. The exhibit is in the center's main conference room, which is used for meetings, so please call ahead at 224-9945 to plan your visit at a time when no meetings are scheduled.


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