Art Exhibit at the Conservation Center

We are thrilled to welcome an art exhibit featuring the work of Rebecca M. Fullerton to the Conservation Center. The exhibit is open to visitors during Forest Society business hours: Monday through Friday, from 8:30 AM to 5 PM. It will close on June 28.

About the Artist:

Rebecca Fullerton in a selfie taken on a mountain summit.
Artist Rebecca Fullerton (courtesy photo)
Rebecca M. Fullerton has a passion for the forests and mountains of New England. When not painting the region's wild scenery in her studio or en plein air, she is probably hiking, running on a trail, or out on a lake or river in a kayak. The grandeur of alpine summits, the intricacy of intertwining limbs in the deep woods, and sparkle of rushing water in a mountain stream inspire and inform her painting practice.
Fullerton specializes in landscape painting in the realist and impressionist traditions. She has been painting in oils and watercolors for over twenty-five years. Her focus is landscape painting in the mountains of New England, particularly in the White Mountains of New Hampshire and Maine. Each year she hikes in the backcountry, taking in the dramatic scenery of the wilderness, sketching, painting, and taking photographs for later use. She is always trying to capture the special atmosphere unique to this area with its changeable weather, steep trails, and limitless views as a way to promote the unique and fragile beauty of places that deserve conservation.

Fullerton’s home is in Bethlehem, New Hampshire, on the edge of the White Mountain National Forest. Originally from Vermont, she grew up in southern New Hampshire. After a long detour in Boston, she returned to the Granite State in 2018 to pursue her career as an Archivist and to live among the mountains she aspires to capture ever more authentically in paint. Fullerton holds a Bachelor's degree in Studio Art and Art History from Hartwick College, as well as a Master's degree in Museum Studies from the Harvard Extension School.

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