Apples & Ales: Apple Pruning Workshop in Bethlehem

(Photo: Dave Anderson)

Releasing and pruning wild apple trees can keep them healthy and result in greater fruit production for a wide variety of wildlife.  This basic introduction to releasing and pruning wild apple trees, with both indoor classroom session and outdoor hands-on field practice, will be led by Nigel Manly (Director of The Rocks in Bethlehem). The indoor portion will be held at the Rek-Lis Brew Company in Bethlehem and the outdoor field pruning practice will be held on-site 5 minutes away at The Rocks.

Participants will learn about:

  • the origin of apple trees now found wild in New Hampshire forests
  • recommended best-practices for pruning apple trees
  • the benefits to wildlife from improved trees for mast

Warm clothing and waterproof winter boots strongly recommended for the outdoor portion of the day.

***Participants may choose to purchase a lunch at the brewery, but are not allowed to bring their own food inside*** 




Rek-Lis Brew Company

2085 Main Street
BethlehemGrafton County, New Hampshire 03574