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Recreating responsibly means considering mud, masks, and more as you explore the outdoors in March and April.

Are you a land owner in New Hampshire with questions about how to manage your property? Are you looking to change things up a bit as we turn the corner into spring?

A new archaeology study aims to date stone structures at Monson Center, a settlement constructed in the 1700s.

Take heart winter-weary friends. The first pulses of springtime arrive in the smallest of signs.

Easement Steward Abraham Ames shares valuable lessons he recently learned that translate from fishtank to forest.

In February, Forest Society staff forester Gabe Roxby was invited to participate in a virtual panel discussion focusing on the intersection of forestry and art.

Update on the House Judiciary Committee's hearing on HB 82.

The annual series has moved online this year, with experts exploring topics ranging from restoring wildlife habitat to foraging for edible native plants.