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New Hampshire has a capable land trust community who have protected thousands of acres of NH farmland.

Students begin the program in kindergarten by planting their own Christmas trees at The Rocks.

Forest Society Foresters Wendy, Steve and Gabe all recently attended a field visit to Bear Brook State Park to see the beech leaf disease outbreak there.

From sign making to tree planting, here all the great work our volunteers have helped us achieve.

Construction is on track at The Rocks in Bethlehem, with the extensive renovations inside the historic Carriage Barn well underway.

It's the perfect time of year to remember what it means to recreate responsibly and help care for the resources we all enjoy.

What will you learn on a Sunday spent in the sunshine with Dave Anderson at The John Hay Estate at The Fells for a historical hike?

In opposing Northern Pass, the Forest Society did not take a position on the concept of importing additional large scale hydro power coming down out of Canada.

In 1923, the Forest Society led a campaign to purchase 6,000 acres in Franconia Notch, including the Old Man of the Mountain, the Flume, the Basin, and two mountain lakes.