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Teach Your Children Well

Once Upon A Time… all the best children’s stories began with those words.

Back then, children’s own best adventure stories took place in outdoor settings: exploring a spooky dark hemlock forest, a golden grasshopper-filled pasture, lichenfringed …

Singing In The Rain

Father’s Day Special at Lost River Gorge and BoulderCaves

Betsey Gammons Art on Display at Conservation Center in Concord

In June, the forest echoes with bird songs and the whine of a million mosquitoes. Insect protein abounds. Plants flower and begin to set fruit. Birds are nesting, laying eggs and raising young. Turtles are nesting, laying leathery eggs in sandy soil in sunny locales.

Latin Names, Common Flowers

by Dave Anderson for NHPR's "Something Wild"

When used outside the halls of academia and horticultural societies, proper biological names of plants – Latin names – can alienate the public as surely as formal religious services recited in…. Latin.

Great Blue Herons are familiar summer residents of inland New Hampshire. As the largest of all North American herons, they can stand four feet tall.